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re2d icon re2d

D language binding of RE2 regex engine.

re2j icon re2j

linear time regular expression matching in Java

readahead icon readahead

readahead is a package that provides readers that enable concurrent reads from seekable or compressed files

reagera icon reagera

Minimal implementation of predictable state in Java, inspired by Elm and Redux.

recaptcha icon recaptcha

PHP client library for reCAPTCHA, a free service to protect your website from spam and abuse.

red icon red

RED - Regularization by Denoising

reflectable.dart icon reflectable.dart

Reflectable is a Dart library that allows programmers to eliminate certain usages of dynamic reflection by specialization of reflective code to an equivalent implementation using only static techniques. The use of dynamic reflection is constrained in order to ensure that the specialized code can be generated and will have a reasonable size.

refr icon refr

A framework for building reranking models.

reftable icon reftable

region-flags icon region-flags

Collection of flags for BCP 47 region codes in SVG / PNG

rejoiner icon rejoiner

Generates a unified GraphQL schema from gRPC microservices and other Protobuf sources

rekall icon rekall

Rekall Memory Forensic Framework

renameio icon renameio

Package renameio provides a way to atomically create or replace a file or symbolic link.

replicate_mango icon replicate_mango

Assortment Analytics with Google - Optimize your product assortment with the help of Google’s Merchant Center.

reportlatency icon reportlatency

Automatically exported from

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