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vxsig icon vxsig

Automatically generate AV byte signatures from sets of similar binaries.

walk icon walk

Plan 9 style utilities to replace find(1)

walt icon walt

A device for measuring latency of physical sensors and outputs on phones and computers

wasserstein-dist icon wasserstein-dist

tensorflow implementation of the Wasserstein (aka optimal transport) distance

waze-ccp-gcp icon waze-ccp-gcp

This AppEngine sample application is designed to process your Waze CCP JSON Feed into; BigQuery GIS tables for analysis, Google Cloud Storage as GeoJSON for use in desktop or web GIS applications, and, optionally into Carto for advanced spatial visualization.

weasel icon weasel

A simple frontend (App Engine app) that serves content from a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket

web-bsd-hunt icon web-bsd-hunt

Port of the networked real-time multi-player 2D maze war BSD game "Hunt" to Google App Engine and modern web browsers

web-hv icon web-hv

A web based tool for inspecting UI of an in-development android app

webauthndemo icon webauthndemo

An example Node.js Relying Party implementation of the WebAuthn specification

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