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note-maps icon note-maps

A personal knowledge base, an experimental project under development.

novm icon novm

Experimental KVM-based VMM for containers, written in Go.

nsjail icon nsjail

A lightweight process isolation tool that utilizes Linux namespaces, cgroups, rlimits and seccomp-bpf syscall filters, leveraging the Kafel BPF language for enhanced security.

nsscache icon nsscache

asynchronously synchronise local NSS databases with remote directory services

nsync icon nsync

nsync is a C library that exports various synchronization primitives, such as mutexes

nucleus icon nucleus

Python and C++ code for reading and writing genomics data.

nvidia_libs_test icon nvidia_libs_test

Tests and benchmarks for cudnn (and in the future, other nvidia libraries)

o3dtoydefense icon o3dtoydefense

Automatically exported from

oauth2l icon oauth2l

oauth2l ("oauth tool") is a simple CLI for interacting with Google API authentication.

objectfilter icon objectfilter

Automatically exported from

oboe icon oboe

Oboe is a C++ library that makes it easy to build high-performance audio apps on Android.

observable icon observable

Support for marking objects as observable, and getting notifications when those objects are mutated.

oculi icon oculi

A Google Cloud-based pipeline for tagging image and video ads based on their content, enabling advanced creative analysis.

offline-content-packager icon offline-content-packager

**This is not an official Google product.** - Nkata is the Nigerian Igbo word for "basket". This is a content packaging tool, a configurable script that takes inputed media such as text and video, creates HTML shell pages around them, and bundles them into a navigable web-like experience with an index for use in an education setting without an Internet connection. Output (.zips, ISOs) can be burned onto external storage for loading onto unconnected machines.

ohmu icon ohmu

Compiler intermediate language for static analysis.

older-mirrored-patches icon older-mirrored-patches

Google's older mirrored patches and tarballs that used to live at

open-location-code icon open-location-code

Open Location Code is a library to generate short codes, called "plus codes", that can be used as digital addresses where street addresses don't exist.

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