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jax icon jax

Composable transformations of Python+NumPy programs: differentiate, vectorize, JIT to GPU/TPU, and more

jax-cfd icon jax-cfd

Computational Fluid Dynamics in JAX

jax-md icon jax-md

Differentiable, Hardware Accelerated, Molecular Dynamics

jaxopt icon jaxopt

Hardware accelerated, batchable and differentiable optimizers in JAX.

jaxtyping icon jaxtyping

Type annotations and runtime checking for shape and dtype of JAX/NumPy/PyTorch/etc. arrays.

jimfs icon jimfs

An in-memory file system for Java 7+

jni-bind icon jni-bind

JNI Bind is a set of advanced syntactic sugar for writing efficient correct JNI Code in C++17 (and up).

joint_vae icon joint_vae

Code to build VAE models that are jointly conditioned.

jsaction icon jsaction

JsAction is a small event delegation library that decouples event binding from the code that can handle the event.

jscin icon jscin

Automatically exported from

jsinterop-base icon jsinterop-base

Utilities for GWT and J2CL to interact with JavaScript beyond JsInterop

json5format icon json5format

JSON5 (a.k.a., "JSON for Humans") formatter that preserves contextual comments

jsonapi icon jsonapi style payload serializer and deserializer

jsonnet icon jsonnet

Jsonnet - The data templating language

jsontoken icon jsontoken

Automatically exported from

jws icon jws

JSON Web Signature (JWS)

k8s-digester icon k8s-digester

Add digests to container and init container images in Kubernetes pod and pod template specs. Use either as a mutating admission webhook, or as a client-side KRM function with kpt or kustomize.

kafel icon kafel

A language and library for specifying syscall filtering policies.

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