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vpn-libraries icon vpn-libraries

The VPN client libraries provide a reference implementation for a secure, encrypted tunnel for connected devices. Full Public report:

vsaq icon vsaq

VSAQ is an interactive questionnaire application to assess the security programs of third parties.

vxsig icon vxsig

Automatically generate AV byte signatures from sets of similar binaries.

walk icon walk

Plan 9 style utilities to replace find(1)

walt icon walt

A device for measuring latency of physical sensors and outputs on phones and computers

wasefire icon wasefire

Secure firmware framework focusing on developer experience

wasserstein-dist icon wasserstein-dist

tensorflow implementation of the Wasserstein (aka optimal transport) distance

waze-ccp-gcp icon waze-ccp-gcp

This AppEngine sample application is designed to process your Waze CCP JSON Feed into; BigQuery GIS tables for analysis, Google Cloud Storage as GeoJSON for use in desktop or web GIS applications, and, optionally into Carto for advanced spatial visualization.

wci icon wci

Conversion Import for WhatsApp

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