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turbinia photo turbinia

Automation and Scaling of Digital Forensics Tools

tweakr photo tweakr

A Library for Remote Debugging, Autogenerating Settings/Preference UIs, and Wizard-of-Ozing

ubntools photo ubntools

Tools to do fun things with ubiquity gear

ui-exp-dg photo ui-exp-dg

Dumping ground for some experiments with UI technologies, Swift, Kotlin, Dart, iOS, Web, etc

UIforETW photo UIforETW

User interface for recording and managing ETW traces

uiimage-additions photo uiimage-additions

A collection of miscellaneous utility methods for UIImage for memory-efficient image transformations.

uis-rnn photo uis-rnn

This is the library for the Unbounded Interleaved-State Recurrent Neural Network (UIS-RNN) algorithm, corresponding to the paper Fully Supervised Speaker Diarization.

ukip photo ukip

USB Keystroke Injection Protection

unigem-objective-c photo unigem-objective-c

Unicode Gems, a Mac app, an iOS app, and an iOS keyboard for letter-like unicode.

unsmear photo unsmear

Converts to and from timescales with smeared leap seconds

uri.dart photo uri.dart

Utilities for working with URIs in Dart

uribeacon photo uribeacon

The Web Uri Open Beacon for the Internet of Things

usb-cereal photo usb-cereal

USB-Cereal is a debugging and development tool for designs that use USB-C port and bring out serial TX/RX lines into SBU1/2 pins. USB-Cereal is made compatible with both 1.8V and 3.3V signalling.

usbmon photo usbmon

List and monitor USB devices connected to Linux host. Also as Collectd plugin.

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