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certtostore icon certtostore

Hardware Backed Keys and Certificate Store Management on Windows

ceviche-challenges icon ceviche-challenges

A suite of photonic inverse design challenge problems for topology optimization benchmarking

cfr icon cfr

Solve vehicle routing problems with Google Optimization AI Cloud Fleet Routing

cfu-playground icon cfu-playground

Want a faster ML processor? Do it yourself! -- A framework for playing with custom opcodes to accelerate TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers (TFLM). . . . . . Online tutorial: For reference docs, see the link below.

charted icon charted

Visualization toolkit for Dart language

chatbase-node icon chatbase-node

Quickly integrate your Node.js chatbot with Chatbase Analytics

chive-prosody icon chive-prosody

Audio samples accompanying publications related to CHiVE prosody models.

chive-varying-prosody-icml-2019 icon chive-varying-prosody-icml-2019

This repository contains audio samples that go with the ICML 2019 paper, "CHiVE: Varying Prosody in Speech Synthesis with a Linguistically Driven Dynamic Hierarchical Conditional Variational Network", V. Wan, C.-a. Chan, T. Kenter, J. Vit and R. A. J. Clark.

chkstream icon chkstream

Checked exception support in Java 8 streams via decorator.

chord icon chord

A framework for developers to create cross-device wearable interaction by scripting. icon

Temporary documentation for developer features in the Chrome beta, canary, and dev channels.

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