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wwgc icon wwgc

viewer profile generator for "Works with Google Cardboard"

wwwbasic icon wwwbasic

wwwBASIC is an implementation of BASIC that runs on Node.js and the Web.

wycheproof icon wycheproof

Project Wycheproof tests crypto libraries against known attacks.

xctestrunner icon xctestrunner

A executable binary to run prebuilt iOS tests on iOS simulator/real device.

xls icon xls

XLS: Accelerated HW Synthesis

xnnpack icon xnnpack

High-efficiency floating-point neural network inference operators for mobile, server, and Web

xrtl icon xrtl

Cross-platform Real-Time Rendering Library

xssxss icon xssxss

deprecated – use

xtoproto icon xtoproto

Automatically generate a Protocol Buffer definition and csv-to-proto converter from an example CSV file. See website for interactive playground

yamlfmt icon yamlfmt

An extensible command line tool or library to format yaml files.

yapf icon yapf

A formatter for Python files

yggdrasil-decision-forests icon yggdrasil-decision-forests

A collection of state-of-the-art algorithms for the training, serving and interpretation of Decision Forest models.

youtube-8m icon youtube-8m

Starter code for working with the YouTube-8M dataset.

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