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aarch64-esr-decoder's Introduction

aarch64-esr-decoder page page

A small utility for decoding aarch64 ESR register values.

This is not an officially supported Google product.


Install a Debian package from the latest release, install with cargo install aarch64-esr-decoder, or try the web version.

For the command-line version, just pass the ESR value you're interested in as a parameter, in decimal or hexadecimal:

$ aarch64-esr-decoder 0x96000050
ESR 0x00000000000000000000000096000050:
# Data Abort taken without a change in Exception level
37..63 RES0: 0x0000000 0b000000000000000000000000000
32..36 ISS2: 0x00 0b00000
26..31 EC: 0x25 0b100101
  # Data Abort taken without a change in Exception level
25     IL: true
  # 32-bit instruction trapped
00..24 ISS: 0x0000050 0b0000000000000000001010000
  24     ISV: false
    # No valid instruction syndrome
  14..23 RES0: 0x000 0b0000000000
  13     VNCR: false
  11..12 SET: 0x0 0b00
    # Recoverable state (UER)
  10     FnV: false
    # FAR is valid
  09     EA: false
  08     CM: false
  07     S1PTW: false
  06     WnR: true
    # Abort caused by writing to memory
  00..05 DFSC: 0x10 0b010000
    # Synchronous External abort, not on translation table walk or hardware update of translation table.

For long field names, add -v.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


If you want to contribute to the project, see details of how we accept contributions.

aarch64-esr-decoder's People


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aarch64-esr-decoder's Issues

Add long names for fields

In the web interface this could be mouseover text, in the command-line version it could be an extra flag.

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