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Andrew Walbran's Projects

awesome-embedded-rust icon awesome-embedded-rust

Curated list of resources for Embedded and Low-level development in the Rust programming language

btleplug icon btleplug

Rust Cross-Platform Host-Side Bluetooth LE Access Library

cloudbbq-homie icon cloudbbq-homie

Service to connect to barbecue thermometers over Bluetooth and report their readings to an MQTT broker following the Homie convention.

cortex-a icon cortex-a

Low level access to Cortex-A processors

cross icon cross

“Zero setup” cross compilation and “cross testing” of Rust crates

dbus-rs icon dbus-rs

D-Bus binding for the Rust language

houseflow icon houseflow

Home automation platform for microcontrollers(including ESP8266/ESP32), Raspberry Pi, and others. Made with Rust and C++.

json icon json

Strongly typed JSON library for Rust

la104 icon la104

LA104 logic analyser alternative firmware and experiments

libc icon libc

Raw bindings to platform APIs for Rust

linguist icon linguist

Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!

nix icon nix

Rust friendly bindings to *nix APIs

oak icon oak

Meaningful control of data in distributed systems.

octopower icon octopower

A client library for the Octopus Energy API.

openchronos icon openchronos

OpenChronos - Open Source Firmware for the TI EZ430-Chronos Watch - Builds/ works with new mspgcc

paginate icon paginate

A framework agnostic pagination crate, that is especially suited for databases, collections and web pages.

recipes icon recipes

Search a list of recipes for given criteria.

rfbutton icon rfbutton

Rust library for decoding 433MHz RF remote codes.

rfm69 icon rfm69

A generic rust driver to support RFM69 family wireless chips.

stm32-rs icon stm32-rs

Embedded Rust device crates for STM32 microcontrollers

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