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adapt-googleanalytics's Introduction


This is not an official Google product.

This is a simple Adapt extension that implements Google Analytics upon post render of pageView, which is triggered when a page's view has rendered. Be sure to include the Analytics library and Autotrack in core > js > scriptLoader.js.



function setupRequireJS() { requirejs.config({ map: { ... }, paths: { ... analytics: '', autotrack: 'libraries/autotrack' }

Use Autotrack semantics in component-level .hbs files for tracking events such as mouseover and clicks.


<div class="graphic-inner component-inner" role="region" aria-label="{{_globals._components._graphic.ariaRegion}}" ga-on="mouseover" ga-event-category="Graphic Component" ga-event-action="Mouseover" ga-event-label="{{displayTitle}}">

Video tracking is already available through the MediaElement library. Add "universalgoogleanalytics" to "features" for a given media component. Example:

"features": [ ... "universalgoogleanalytics" ]

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