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alwaysask's Issues

does not ask in some cases in 64 bit Windows 8 Firefox 31.0

I created a new Firefox (version 31.0) profile on 64 bit Windows 8 to get no extensions and no activated plugins.

Then I tested these cases before installing this addon:

Case 1 : Open a normal window, press Alt-F4 (or click the top right white cross icon) and the window closes with no dialog asking me to confirm.

Case 2 : Open a normal window, open a second tab (so two tabs in total) press Alt-F4 and a "Confirm Close" dialog window opens asking me to confirm.

Case 3 : Open a private browsing window, optionally open more tabs (so one or more tabs in total), press Alt-F4 (or click the top right white cross icon) and the window closes with no dialog asking me to confirm.

I then installed this addon in, restarted Firefox and repeated the above cases: there was no difference in behaviour.

I had expected a change in cases 1 and 3 (i.e. for a dialog asking whether I wish to close tabs).

I also repeated the above tests on a second Firefox profile that has a great many addons and config settings (some attempting to workaround mozilla's bug 419009); again there was no difference.

For completeness here are some of the settings from this second profile:


and this large one:

Don't ask on shutdown?

This add-on works great, but there is one annoying little quirk: when shutting down/logging out, and Firefox quits, there is no point being prompted, since the action is not coming from user input... ideally it should not ask in this case. Would it be possible to implement this? If not as default behaviour, then maybe as an option.

Stopped working in Firefox 22

After upgrading Fx from 21 to 22 the extension stopped working - doesn't display any confirmation at all any longer. Same in Nightly.

Can you reproduce that?

It's possible to stack the alert messages up, which can cause Fx to crash

By pressing Cmd-Q multiple times, it's possible to stack the alert messages up. For example:

  • Press Cmd-Q to get the alert
  • Press Cmd-Q again
  • Choose either option to cancel the second alert
  • The first alert appears

It doesn't matter whether you choose OK then Cancel, or Cancel then OK… if you choose OK at any stage, Fx will quit after all alerts have been dismissed. If you choose Cancel for all alerts, it will remain open.

It's also possible to get one alert per window, as the alert seems to be modal to the window rather than the application. I think it should be application modal, like the save dialog, for example.

I've also managed to crash Fx on severl occasions by holding down Cmd-Q for a few seconds instead of pressing and then releasing - like most normal users ;-). This has caused different behaviour, which can be seen by opening multiple windows:

  • Open two windows
  • Hold Cmd-Q down for a few seconds in one of them
  • Switch windows and look at the Window menu

I've seen several different things here:

  • A few 'Quit Firefox' windows are listed, and lots with empty titles are shown
  • No 'Quit Firefox' windows are listed, and lots with empty titles are shown

Either way, Fx has normally gone on to crash or won't respond to the clicks in the quit dialogs any more... I've always had to force quit.

I'm using Fx v6.0 on Snow Leopard 10.6.8

BTW - Great extension... It certainly works nicely if you don't try and break it, although I would like to see the dialog being application modal... perhaps even get a "hold down to quit" floating message like Chrome has?


Mark as E10S-compatible

This extension is E10S-compatible, it doesn't touch content anywhere. It should be marked as such explicitly in install.rdf:


See documentation.

Change default behaviour on exit

Hello, I'd like not only to be warned on exit even if there is just one tab open, but also know if I can change the default answer to QUIT FIREFOX so that I can just press Enter without having to use the mouse to quit.
"Always ask" does the first part of the job but is there a way to set its default answer to QUIT?

Support for private browsing

The extension doesn't prevent private tabs from being closed, if the extension is still supported, could you please add support for private browsing?

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