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eclipse-integration-tcserver's Introduction

Pivotal tc Server Integration for Eclipse

The Pivotal tc Server Integration for Eclipse adds server adaptors for the Pivotal tc Server to the Eclipse JEE tooling. It makes it easy to deploy apps, start, debug and stop your tc Server, create new instances with various configurations, all from within Eclipse.

It also comes with the Spring Dashboard is an optional component, which brings you up-to-date information about Spring-related projects as well as an easy-to-use extension install to get additional tooling add-ons, like the famous Spring IDE or the Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse.

Installation (Release)

You can install the latest release of the vFabric tc Server Integration for Eclipse from the Eclipse Marketplace by looking for "tc Server". You can also install it manually from this update site:

Installation (Milestone)

You can install the latest milestone build of the vFabric tc Server Integration for Eclipse manually from this udpate site:

Installation (CI builds)

If you want to live on the leading egde, you can also install always up-to-date continuous integration buids from this update site:

But take care, those builds could be broken from time to time and might contain non-ship-ready features that might never appear in the milestone or release builds.

Questions and bug reports:

If you have a question that Google can't answer, the best way is to go to the stackoverflow using the tag spring-tool-suite:[`spring-tool-suite`]

Bug reports and enhancement requests are tracked using GitHub issues here:

Developing Pivotal tc Server Integration for Eclipse

Just clone the repo and import the projects into an Eclipse workspace. The easiest way to ensure that your target platform contains all the necessary dependencies, install a CI build into your target platform and proceed.

Building Pivotal tc Server Integration for Eclipse

The Pivotal tc Server Integration for Eclipse project uses Maven Tycho to do continuous integration builds and to produce p2 repos and update sites. To build the project yourself, you can execute:

mvn -Pe47 -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean install

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eclipse-integration-tcserver's Issues

Eclipse: HTTP Proxy Authentication Required

I would like to install Pivotal tc server runtime on my Eclipse. I'm spending all my energy, always with the same proxy error. I read a lot of things on the Internet, but now I have to admit that I'm tired. Why is it still so complicated in the Open world? If it continues I will definitely abandoned the server tc. Could you explain to me please? My Eclipse is in version 4.11.

HTTP Proxy Authentication Required:
Proxy Authentication Required

Thank you in advance.

[tc server 4.x] No way to configure tc server 4.x standard edition

Unable to add tc server 4.0.1 standard edition. Not developer edition.

1.Downloaded tc server 4.0.1 standard edition from here.
2.Installed "Pivotal tc Server Integration for Eclipse"" on Photon Release Candidate 2 (4.8.0RC2).
3.While trying to configure new server adapter, I can see attached exception and not able to finish the wizard.

4.I think, this part of the code is causing the issue. at lines 38-40
public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {
return Pattern.matches("developer-\d\.\d\.\d\.(RELEASE|SNAPSHOT-BUILD)", name) && new File(dir, name).isDirectory();

pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.0.9.RELEASE and higher: The Tomcat installation directory is not valid. It is missing expected file or folder lib.

Downloading the pivotal-tc-server-developer version greater than 4.0.9 and loading it to STS leads to this error message.

Using pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.0.8.RELEASE and pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.0.9.RELEASE and loading it in STS with the tc-server plugin works fine. Important to mention that I created things from scratch. No other releases in the pivotal-tc-server directory.

With a version from 4.0.10 and higher (current 4.0.15), the validation fails as seen in the image. Checking the content of the zip files looks like nothing is missing and only version numbers of the dependencies are different.

Downloading pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.0.9.RELEASE and pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.0.15.RELEASE and extracting them to the same folder allows me to choose the current tomcat release 9.0.36.B.RELEASE. The creation of the instance works!

Unfortunately, I could not find the error message in this code, and also not in the pivotal-tc-server scripts.


Could not resolve view with name 'xxxx' in servlet with name 'yyyy'

I have an application that fails when using STS (see stack trace below) but works if I install Oxygen and then STS on top of it. Are there any differences between the two (project structure, how the projects get built, etc.) that might cause this? Are there any differences between the Tomcat that comes with STS and regular Tomcat?

javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not resolve view with name 'xxxx' in servlet with name 'yyyy'
at org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.render(
at org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.processDispatchResult(
at org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.doDispatch(
at org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.doService(
at org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.processRequest(
at org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.doGet(
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
at org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.service(
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(

During the creation of a server instance, a connection is made to where local proxy settings are ignored.

Setting up a new tc-server-developer instance with the VMware TC Server Integration for Eclipse and a "Server Template for 4.1.3" standard and developer fails with the following stack trace on windows.

Important to mention we are in an enterprise environment where we are behind a proxy. Plugin installation via Marketplace works!

Error creating server instance with command:
"C:\tc-server-developer\pivotal-tc-server-standard-4.1.3.RELEASE\pivotal-tc-server\standard-4.1.3.RELEASE\tcserver.bat create z202-base-instance -v 9.0.36.B.RELEASE -t nio -t base --property base.runtime.user=null --java-home C:\java\". Check access permission for the directory C:/tc-server-developer/pivotal-tc-server-standard-4.1.3.RELEASE/pivotal-tc-server/standard-4.1.3.RELEASE and its files and subdirectories.
The instance creation command failed and returned code 1
Output of the instance creation command:
'create' command failed. An unexpected error occurred while attempting to validate tc Runtime Version 9.0.36.B.RELEASE: Connect to [,] failed: Connect timed out

I made sure that read-only is not set and all user have full control.

Any idea how to fix it?

[tc server 4.x] Existing server instances combo is always empty

tc server 4.0 server wizard is not showing any existing instances.It showing empty list.


I think, new directory structure for tc server 4.x is causing the issue. at lines 295-306
// add all directories that have a server configuration
File file = path.toFile();
if (file.exists()) {
File[] serverDirectories = file.listFiles();
if (serverDirectories != null) {
for (File directory : serverDirectories) {
if (directory.isDirectory() && new File(directory, ".tc-runtime-instance").exists()) {


[tc server 4.x] Unable to start tc server 4.0.1

Unable to start the tc server 4.0.1 developer edition. Which has "ajp" server instance. Even for other templates also.

Wed Jun 20 13:42:07 IST 2018 ran with arguments: create test_instance -v 9.0.7.B.RELEASE -t ajp --java-home C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_144

Server start is failing with timeout exception. I think, as per the log the actual server is starting. But, server status is not being updated on view.

See attached exception (Not related)

See attached SS



[TC Pivotal] Server name is empty when user configured with custom server name


  1. Server > New > Pivotal tc server 4.0
  2. Provide a custom server name > "TCPivotal4" > Next.
  3. Select Create new instance radio > Next.
  4. Select base Template and provide a name > Next
  5. Finish

Configure a new Pivotal TC server with version 4.0.1 and provide a custom name in Server Name field. It results in server configuration created with blank server name. Reproducible with Pivotal TC server version 3.2.13.

For new instance, we are not setting any new name if not default name. which was already empty.
See these code points

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