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Masanori Ogino's Projects

akaza icon akaza

Yet another Japanese IME for IBus/Linux

cps-generator icon cps-generator

A general, order-independent, redex-free continuation-passing style code generator by Taylor R. Campbell

dlfs-hy icon dlfs-hy

Deep Learning from Scratch in the Hy programming language

foof-loop icon foof-loop

A simple, extensible Scheme looping facility by Taylor R. Campbell

hugs98 icon hugs98

A snapshot mirror of retrieved on 2020-01-24

indico icon indico

Indico - A feature-rich event management system, made @ CERN, the place where the Web was born.

mwmbl icon mwmbl

An open source, non-profit search engine implemented in python

mwmbl-crawler-extension icon mwmbl-crawler-extension

A browser extension that can be installed by volunteers to participate in mwmbl distributed crawling.

mwmbl-front-end icon mwmbl-front-end

A front-end for the mwmbl search engine written in vanilla javascript

parscheme icon parscheme

A library for writing parsers in portable Scheme by Taylor R. Campbell

pda icon pda

The Portable Driver Architecture (PDA) is a microdriver library for programming Linux PCI drivers in the userspace.

plaintextaccounting icon plaintextaccounting

The website, a portal to Ledger, hledger, beancount and co. Also the PTA wiki.

psyntax icon psyntax

A portable R6RS library and syntax expander

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