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Dmitry Golubovsky's Projects

9ph icon 9ph

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adls icon adls

Ardour-docker live studio

adls-kx icon adls-kx

Ardour-docker live studio with KX Studio PAckages (all)

apctools icon apctools

MIDI utilities exploring the possible use of AKAI Professional APC Mini outside of Ableton

chordemux icon chordemux

Chordemux is a MIDI filter/router utility which receives chords on its input channel, and routes chords' notes to different channels depending on chord type and inversion.

corehugs icon corehugs

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directvnc-rev icon directvnc-rev

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espeak-ng icon espeak-ng

eSpeak NG is an open source speech synthesizer that supports 106 languages and accents.

evs-docker icon evs-docker

Espeak Vocal Studio programs all together in a container

glendum icon glendum

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hs-lite icon hs-lite

Experiments with Haskell and litehtml

hs-ogl-misc icon hs-ogl-misc

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hsespeak icon hsespeak

A Haskell program to generate vocals from Music XML

kvmadm icon kvmadm

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mini icon mini

A golang package for parsing ini-style configuration files

music icon music

My excercises in music and sound

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