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The all-in-one tool to supercharge your productivity ⌨️

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License: MIT License

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omni's Introduction



The most powerful interface for your browser 🔥

With Omni you can use your browser like a pro. Manage tabs, bookmarks, your browser history, perform all sorts of actions and more with a simple command interface.

👉 Get it now for Chrome and for Firefox

Omni - The all-in-one tool to supercharge your productivity | Product Hunt

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Made by Alyssa X

Table of contents


🗄 Switch, open, close, and search your tabs
📚 Browse and manage your bookmarks
🔍 Search your browsing history
⚡️ 50+ actions to improve your productivity
🔮 Special commands to filter and perform more actions
🧩 Integrations with Notion, Figma, Docs, Asana...
⌨️ Shortcuts for actions such as muting, pinning, bookmarking...
⚙️ Advanced settings to help troubleshoot browsing issues
🌙 Dark mode
...and much more - all for free & no sign in needed!

Controlling the interface

Opening Omni

To open Omni, simply press ⌘+Shift+K on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+K on Windows. You can change the shortcut by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in Chrome, or by following these steps in Firefox

Alternatively you can click on the extension icon in the toolbar to toggle it.

Closing Omni

To close Omni you can press Esc, click on the background, or press the extension icon.

Switching between dark and light mode

The dark and light theme in Omni is tied to your system's theme.

On Mac you can change the theme by clicking on the Apple menu (on the top left), opening the System preferences, going into the General section, and then choosing between dark, light, or auto.

On Windows it depends on the OS version. Here is a guide for Windows 11 and 10.

After switching the theme you might need to restart your browser.

List of commands

You can use a variety of commands with Omni to perform actions or filter your results.

  • /tabs: Search your tabs
  • /bookmarks: Search your bookmarks
  • /history: Search your browser history
  • /actions: Search all available actions
  • /remove: Remove a bookmark or close a tab

Feel free to suggest new commands for Omni by making an issue.

Self-hosting Omni

You can run Omni locally without having to install it from the Chrome Store or from Firefox Add-ons.

Installing on Chrome

  1. Download the code. In the web version of GitHub, you can do that by clicking the green "Code" button, and then "Download ZIP".
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser, and enable developer mode.
  3. Drag the src folder (make sure it's a folder and not a ZIP file, so unzip first), or click on the "Load unpacked" button and locate the folder.
  4. That's it, you will now be able to use Omni locally.

Installing on Firefox

  1. Download the code. In the web version of GitHub, you can do that by clicking the green "Code" button, and then "Download ZIP".
  2. Open the about:debugging page in your browser, click the "This Firefox" option.
  3. Click the "Load Temporary Add-on" button, and select any file inside the firefox folder
  4. That's it, you will now be able to use Omni locally.

Libraries used

  • jQuery - for better event handling and DOM manipulation
  • dom-focus-lock - to keep focus on the input field

Feel free to reach out to me through email at [email protected] or on Twitter if you have any questions or feedback! Hope you find this useful 💜

omni's People


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omni's Issues

Keybindings override

If current tab has actions on keyboard (like escape key in telegram web) it overrides action in Omni, and Omni does not closing

Messes up js smooth scrolling

When I enable the Omni extension, seems like it messes up the smooth scroll bezier curves on all websites.

For example, on if you click on any of pricing plans, the scrolling is weird and bouncy. Same on any other site that uses js-based smooth scrolling.

[suggestion] - Remove JQuery

Hi 👋🏻

Your project is really interesting, but JQuery is kinda deprecated, and not recommanded to be used. You can find more explainations here.

I was starting to make a pull request without JQuery, but i prefer to discuss about it before.

Website CSS can interfere with Omni's styles

Scratch has styles which apply to #footer, and they make the footer in Omni look wrong. To reduce the chance of collisions, it might be helpful to use names like #omni-footer and so on.

P.S. I absolutely love this extension! Such a cool idea, and really well executed. 😄

Bug - Many actions open the history page instead of performing requested action

First of all, great plugin! I'm sure this is going to save me lots of time!

I noticed this issue when trying to use Omni to pin or unpin a tab. It opened the history page instead. I started debugging a bit and noticed that when Omni retrieves the available actions for the following list the "action" attribute is set to "history":

  • Bookmark
  • Pin tab
  • Mute tab
  • Help
  • Compose email
  • New Notion page
  • New Sheets spreadsheet
  • New Docs document
  • New Slides presentation
  • New form
  • New Medium story
  • New GitHub repository
  • New GitHub gist
  • New CodePen pen
  • New Excel spreadsheet
  • New PowerPoint presentation
  • New Word document
  • Create a whiteboard
  • Record a video
  • Create a Figma file
  • Create a FigJam file
  • Hunt a product
  • Make a tweet
  • Create a playlist
  • Create a Canva design
  • Create a new podcast episode
  • Edit an image
  • Convert to PDF
  • Scan a QR code
  • Add a task to Asana
  • Add an issue to Linear
  • Add a task to WIP
  • Create an event
  • Add a note
  • New meeting
  • Browsing history
  • Incognito mode
  • Extensions
  • Scroll to bottom
  • Scroll to top
  • Go back
  • Go forward
  • Duplicate tab
  • Close tab
  • Close window
  • Manage browsing data
  • Clear all browsing data
  • Clear browsing history
  • Clear cookies
  • Clear cache
  • Clear local storage
  • Clear passwords

I've tried to dive deeper into the clearActions() function but didn't manage to find the actual problem.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open any webpage
  2. Trigger Omni to open (I was using the keyboard shortcut I configured: Ctrl + Shift + K)
  3. Select one of the actions from the list above

Expected result
The chosen action is executed

Actual result
The browser history page (chrome://history) is opened

System Info
OS: Chrome OS
Version: 96.0.4664.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Extension version: 1.1.3

[suggestion] - Firefox extension

Hi 👋🏻

Right now i'm on Firefox, and would like to use the extension! But this one is not available yet on Firefox. Is it planned? If not, this becomes a suggestion 😄

[Suggestion] Change default short

I'm using this and loving it so far ❤️ . One thing that is conflicting with my workflow. The default shortcut to open omni is Command+K. Don't take me wrong, this is configurable through the chrome://extensions/shortcuts panel, but I think the right default shortcut would be Shift+Command+K, for the following reasons:

  • And many text editors (e.g. Github text fields) Command+K is the default shortcut to add links to selected text in markdown
  • In Slack Command+K is the most used shortcut to navigate DMs
  • maybe others?

Anyways, since I'm foreseeing quote a lot of users running into the above I would suggest the suggested default key to change to

"commands": {
	"open-omni": {
		"suggested_key": {
			"default": "Ctrl+Shift+K",
			"mac": "Command+Shift+K"
		"description": "Open command menu"

First result is not automatically focused

When I open Omni the first result is focused. If I type and the first result is still the same, it is still focused. But if I type to get other results, the first result is not focused.

Expected behaviour: It should be focused

[BUG] Favicons from suggestions break cookie creation in some websites


I have notices that I can't login to my phpmyadmin server because the browser refuses to create the session cookie.
Upon further investigation, looks there is a request to an http page inside the login page, which breaks the security and prevents the site from creating cookies. View attachment.


From what i can see, the omnibox is loading an item from my history, which is a localhost server without https, and thus rendering the whole site insecure and then i cannot login.

I have verified this by disabling the extension and then i can login without problems.

I suggest you eiter

  • dont inject the omnibox DOM directly into the page
  • dont perform searches on page init until the user invoques the omnibox
  • dont display images until the user opens the box

[Suggestion] order tabs by last opened first

Can we have tabs' ordering by last open at the top, same as chrome tabs search do? It will be a huge boost in productivity. While working people usually keep switching between 3, 4 tabs, putting them on top of the list makes it much much easier to navigate.

Add url on the right

First of all, nice work on this, it's awesome.

Just thought you could add the link to chromestore on the right, so others can find it on time. I didn't find it on time. 🙂

Results from Browser History are not appearing in the search results

First off, congrats on the launch and thanks for making this extension. It is quite useful to search browser-related everything (tabs, history, bookmarks) with a single shortcut and without using a mouse.

That said, I have a bit problem that browser history can't be searched on Omni.

For example, I searched for "manhole". It is showing in my browser history as follows.

However, it is not showing in the omni search results.

It was the same when I searched using terms "plan", "Business", "Xcore". Do you know why it occurs?

My environment:

Browser: Brave (Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit))
OS; Windows 10 education

Thanks in advance.

Opening Bookmarks On Enter Key Doesn't Work

VM27 content.js:201 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'ctrlKey')
    at handleAction (VM27 content.js:201:12)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (VM27 content.js:305:4)
    at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js:2:43064)
    at HTMLDocument.v.handle (jquery.js:2:41048)

Looks like the event in handleAction is always undefined

Performance: Dropped frames while typing

Great plugin! It is really useful :) Unfortunately, currently is not very performant for me, probably because I have a lot of bookmarks.

I've profiled the issue and here is the recording:

I think the issue comes from updating the huge (in my case) list while I'm typing. For now, a quick solution I can see is to debounce the list update while a user is typing, so that only after the user finishes typing for some seconds, it refreshes the list. This will decrease a little bit the UX, so ideally there are other ways this can be more performant. I'm not a js dev, but I'll try to research and well help you if ofc you need any help, if you already have an idea how to fix it, great!

Thank You!

Developer Tools

Please add shortcut to open developer tools to inspect console messages and network calls.

The ↑ arrow not correctly working

Thanks for this tool.
I just began to test some of the features.
I found the up arrow not working ( the down arrow is ok).
To be detailed, the up-arrow will only work once to select two items, as follows:

My environment is Win10.
Please check it.

And, I found this tool reacts really snow in my side, wondering some problem here in Windows?

[Suggestion] Add support for browser extensions to be launched via omni commands

This is a great extension and my use for it will increase immensely if the search also includes installed extensions. I have way too many chrome extensions I use everyday and pinning them all near the address bar makes it look cluttered while searching for the one I want to launch from the extensions menu (list) takes too much time.
It would be immensely convenient if I could just type "Cookie Editor" or "Teleparty" on the omni search bar and press enter which then does the same thing that would usually take me at least 10 seconds or cost me a cluttered address bar.

Open direct URLs

Could be a quick but very useful feature - simply if I can type url and open a website from the search. e.g. by typing: "".

Awesome product, congrats with the launch! ;)

Closes Immediately in Edge

Thanks for the tool! Unfortunately i found omni unusable on my system. Whenever [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [K] is pressed on the Edge Browser, the action bar is not opening, but instead the "Get Started" Screen.

When the Extension is launched from the Extension Toolbar via mouseclick, however, it works as supposed.

[suggestion] Add print as a command


Loving the extension so far, but as I am very bad remembering things, i have set the shortcut to open omni as CTRL+P (just as in VSCODE).

This shortcut is used to print a page, which I rarely do, and chrome hasn't given me any problems assigning the shortcut.
The thing is that I think that having the option to do CTRL+P and search "print" to print a page would be something awesome to have.

Thanks for the work

Don't require permission to access `<all_urls>`

It's totally possible to make this extension respond to a command or user action rather than request permission to all_urls. This is an unnessecary permission, only activeTab is needed.

Support for other versions of Chrome

Will there be support for browsers on chromium below the version? I'm using the Cent browser in which the version of chromium is 86. And I can't add Omni in any way. An error appears Invalid value for 'web_accessible_resources[0].

[Suggestion] Suggestion in search result

Thank you for creating a great tool. I fall in love with it right after the first try.

I think the tool can be better if directly showing the search suggestion in the results. Like the way we search in the Chrome address bar.
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 15 47 37

Not sure is it possible, but I think it'll be very helpful :D

[suggestion] - Open in new tab

Love the extension! I've been using alfred app for age and this is a perfect browser companion.

I often open Omni while looking at a tab I want to keep open. It would be nice to be able to hold ctrl or cmd and press rtn to open in a new tab :)

[Bug] Multi-instances tab switching

If opened multiple instances of Chrome, tab switching to tab in inactive window switches to tab with the same number as selected, but in current window.
OS: Windows 10;
Browser: Brave;

Don't know if it's fixable, let me know please

[Suggestion] Discord community?

Would be great to have a discord community just so that people who have questions, support or want to discuss, do not need to have a Github account, and instant messaging is always better for organization over forum based

Just throwing out the thought!

Shortcut not working in new tab.

Situation: Pressing Ctrl+K on a new tab page.
Expected output: the menu should pop with all the info
Actual output: there is not activity in the new tab.

device: HP laptop, Windows 11, chrome latest update.

[BUG] Autofocus and omnibox not working on Atlassian Jira

Looks like when im in jira I can open the omnibox normally with the shortcut, but the input has no focus at all.
Clicking the input has no effect, and I can't write at all on that page.

Clicking items work as expected, so i can change tabs, the problem is just on the input field

Cannot access on default tabs

I cannot access Omni on default browser tab states like in an empty tab.

But I noticed my other browser extension shortcuts work, e.g. Notion:

Add custom commands

Hey, how can we add custom commands? For example, I need an action shortcut to open Google Calendar. I self-hosted the extension and also changed the hotkey to CMD+Shift+K but I get a few extension errors.


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